Dentists for Washington

The following candidates are supported by the Washington State Dental Association for elected office in Washington State.  Please show your support for these candidates by contributing directly to their campaigns.

WSDA-Backed Candidates for Washington

2024-25 Candidates

Candidates will be updated as they legally announce their campaign.

dr john gibbons candidate for 23rd legislative district state representative in Washington state - a man standing next to a pool table
Dr. John Gibbons
Candidate for 23rd Legislative District State House of Representatives

"As a family dentist, I’ve dedicated my life to a healthy future for our community. As your state representative, I’ll make sure Olympia is investing in a healthy future as well."

Michelle Caldier candidate for 26th district washington state representative headshot
Michelle Caldier
Candidate for 26th District State Representative

Michelle’s background as a mother, nursing home dentist, foster parent and educator give her the compassion to understand the challenges families have in Washington state.

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How much am I able to donate per candidate?

Individuals wishing to contribute to a candidate's campaign are permitted to donate no more than $1,200 per candidate per election. For 2024 you would be allowed a $1,200 donation for the primary election and $1,200 for the general election, totaling $2,400.

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Kevin Schilling
Advocacy Director